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About Me

My background

Grew up in rural Arkansas. Proud graduate of public schools. Honored to be engaged in meaningful work as a Licensed Psychological Examiner in Conway. Mom. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Regular person. 

My top issues

Economy and Environment-

Sustainable Economic Development is a crucial part of Arkansas' future. The Natural State hosts an amazing array of rivers, lakes and forests. Our economy is partially dependent upon recreational and sport tourism. Protecting these for future generations while developing sustainable technologies that decrease our reliance on fossil fuels is one way Arkansas can keep its natural resources and reduce our contribution to climate change. In rural areas, improved internet and access to reliable healthcare directly correlates to the overall health and prosperity of our state. Conway, at the heart of District 35, is growing at an incredible rate. We have the opportunity to be a leader in innovative infrastructure.  Recyclable building materials, city bike trails, and public transportation are just a few ways we can reduce the impact of humans on the environment while creating jobs and lowering the cost of living.

 Campaign finance-

"We the People" was not intended for corporations. Lobbyists and special interest groups have undermined the democratic process. The integrity of this campaign rests on accepting contributions only from people, not big business. As a grassroots organization, the voice of the people will be represented both by my actions and by their votes. Anything less is dishonorable and lacks integrity. Limiting the amount of money spent on campaigns in Arkansas is part of the reform that needs to happen in our great state. 


Public schools provide an invaluable service to our citizens. Improving our public schools throughout the state by modernizing the facilities and technologies is one way to make Arkansas more competitive nationally and globally. Preschool and school lunch programs help students who might otherwise not have those interactions or resources. Increased access to higher education at accredited schools while offsetting cost is one way Arkansas can invest in our future. School is more than just students, however. Ensuring teachers are paid commensurate with experience and education, regardless of location. Currently the people who we entrust with the care of our children struggle to pay for healthcare. As a state, we can and should do better. 

Youth and Seniors-

Poverty impacts many of our most vulnerable; our parents and grandparents struggle to make ends meet. Seniors are often forced to choose between medicine and housing. Children suffer the consequences of hunger in the classroom, where lack of regular nutritional meals impact school performance. Senior hunger in Arkansas is the highest in the Nation and we rank 2nd in overall hunger. 1 in 4 Arkansas children experience food insecurity. It is the duty of the Arkansas legislature to provide these most basic needs to those without resources, improving lives and outcomes. 


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. It is my opinion that the insurance lobby is the only beneficiary of the Healthcare debate. I stand with other progressives and say we need big business out of our healthcare. Arkansas and the United States can and should provide comprehensive healthcare for all without regard to income or condition. 


The Constitution of the United States gurarantees Equality. Enacting laws that are designed to discriminate or restrict the rights of our citizens are unconstitutional. People of color, women and LGBT groups, to a greater degree, experience prejudice, judicial discrimination and economic disparity in our state. Laws that provide for economic and educational opportunity as well as creating policies to improve safety is crucial to these protected groups. This includes Repealing the current laws that discriminate. 

*All of these issues are connected. Education is tied to economy, economy is tied to equality, equality is tied to healthcare, etc. And campaign finance is money spent on intangibles instead of the people of Arkansas. My goal, as your Senator, is to bring my problem solving and listening skills to the discussion. I'll use these skills to work with the legislature to enact laws that improve the lives of all Arkansans. I'll work for the people instead of party or special interest groups. This cannot be done by one person. This can only be done if we work together and listen to the people who vote. One thing I notice as I write this is that these issues have been around awhile. The people in office have had a lot of time to "figure it out" and while there has been progress, we have a long way to go. I will listen. I will speak up. I will not be influenced by the special interest groups or PACs or Lobbyists. The job of elected officials is to be the voice of the people who voted. 

I want to be your voice.


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